Bio-Vibes Analysis

What is your level of Vibrations today ?

Our analyst will check your Auras and Chakras using the Dowsing Rods. and if necessary with GDV CAMERA [ Russia ]

Price: ₹2,000.00


We all live in this world of energy ,this universe is full of energy ,everything is energy either in motion or static .  90 % OF HUMAN BEING dont even know they are nothing but an living energy mass , as albert einstein said we all are a ball of energy living in the shell called human body ,which is said to be made from the earths  5 materials . Right from the time of birth the baby has a very high biovibes 18″ and it is maintained until the age of 2-5 years maximum after which they start loosing it and tend to drift to lower vibration [ reasons : parents / family members / society / school / friends etc etc ] this is our 12 years research in MALAYSIA with 12,000+++ people .

vibration plays a very important role in our life and every soul on planet earth must have good vibration .

GHES is the first organisation to have done a research