Company Profile

Company Profile


  • Founded and established by Dr.Prabhu Kumar Raju in the year 2000.
  • GOLDEN HANDS is wholly managed by SAI GOLDEN HANDS PLANET SDN BHD a company registered in ROC (Registrar of companies) in Malaysia since 2011.
  • An ongoing research on human beings for the past 10 Years.

Private limited company operating currently in Malaysia, looking forward to starting up in India.


  • PRABHU KUMAR RAJU is an ENT Surgeon with over 28 years of experience. Today he is more into preventive health care consultation and guidance( INTEGRATED MEDICAL PRACTICE )other than being a doctor he also has specialized in a few other areas like:
  • Hospital advisor
  • Reiki master(energy healing)
  • Stem cell therapy(xeno)
  • Cell well-being- Epigenetics ( Hair testing from Germany
  • Bio well ( Energy reading)from Russia
  • The latest Feather to his cap is introducing the Asia’s 1st BioVibes research & documentation of independent human analysis of BioVibes. He is the founding Managing Director for SAI GOLDEN HANDS PLANET SDN BHD in Malaysia.
  • He was also a coordinator for peoples magazine “Vimarsanam “ in Malaysia& has been writing articles on BioVibes from 2009 -2012
  • Prabhu started this bio- vibes research 9 years ago , he has checked about 10,000 people’s BioVibes and has a customer base of 5000 people in Malaysia .Dr.Prabhu is the first person in Asia to have started this research and he has found 23 important findings which he would be releasing as a book shortly. Dr.Prabhu is also the founder of bio enhancers (Pyramids and Pendants) which are the first of its kind to increase and stabilize the bio vibes, he is manufacturing these bio enhancers and the main ingredient of the pendant and pyramid is a tree bark from the amazon. He has been conducting seminars on the importance of BioVibes & its application for the past 9 years .Lately Dr.Prabhu has started BIO-VIBES workshops (level 1) the first of its kind. HIS VISION IS TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE FOR HUMAN BEINGS BY ENHANCING THE BIOVIBES


A Glimpse Of Our Research


  1. This is the 1st research done on individual human beings on this planet earth with 10,000 individuals being checked (to substantiate this claim, you may log to the google search for human BioVibes and see the results.)
  2. This is the 1st time a theory of human BioVibes and human brain waves relationship has been established with our brain waves checking UNIT from Korea ( 1st of its kind )
  3. This is the first time our human BioVibes is related to the mind has been proven by the research.
  4. This is the first time approximately 23 findings have been found in the research which affects our human living on this planet.
  5. This research is far beyond religion, faith & belief.
  6. The theory of BioVibes goes well with Albert Einstein theory of atoms.
  7. The theory of BioVibes also supports the research of Mr. Emmoto (japan) on water molecules.
  8. Golden hands is the first foundation to have a documented research proof and evidence and have introduced the first bio enhancers in Asia ( the world as well ) , this claim also can be substantiated in Google search for “bio enhancers “ .
  9. We are the first to educate human beings on the subject human BioVibes and have enhanced at least few thousand people by using our bio enhancers
  11. We have awakened the 6th sense of every soul who attended the presentation.
  12. WE ARE THE 1ST to grade the human BioVibes from 0-18 inches.