FAQ Pyramids

1)What is a Pyramid?

Every one knows that Egyptians are the ones who built this beautiful mega structure 3000 yrs ago without any modern equipment’s .They built this super structure to tap the cosmic energy / universal energy / bio energy from the universe .The unique shape of the pyramid gave the structure the capacity to tap the energy at ease .not all the pyramids can tap the energy ,that means there must be something special in the pyramid yes the angle of the pyramid must be 51degree 51min 14 sec any pyramid with this angle will definitely tap the energy easily .
any items kept under the pyramid will get charged .

2) What is Bio-Enhanced Pyramid  ?

Well this is an innovative product of golden hands where in natural materials like wood from Amazon ,SANDAL WOOD , RAJA KAYU ,AGAR WOOD Tibet herbs, crystals, KOREAN salt , is filled inside layer by layer to emit the highest vibration . You can place the pyramid any part of ur house/ office/ factory where you need constant positive vibration.

3) Is it good to have a Pyramid ?

Choice is yours if you feel you need some assistance from the universe the natural way go for it . But if you feel you can charge your house / office naturally with your prayers / candle light / camphor / peacock feathers etc etc you should try it ( for more details call us please )

4)I am in deep debts can I over come by suing Pyramid?

Mind you fellow humans DARLINGS
what you are today is what you sowed few years back ,don’t expect easy way out of your bad deeds at least make your life better for the future by making your environment positive with these pyramids and stop cursing the people whom you have given the money ,nothing is Yours in this world.


5) Can I win a Lottery with these Pyramids ?

Normally if you are in high vibes u will not gamble ( buying a lottery is gambling ) but sometimes u will feel like buying one then u can go for it and you may win. but no hard and fast rule that you should not buy.

6) How can I benefit in an Office with many people ? 

If you place a bio-energy pyramid on your table automatically the negative vibes are neutralized ,people who come to ur chamber will also feel positive and by chance any one with negative vibes come they will be receptive but most of the time they will not come to your chamber .


Well you can place the pyramid in the center of your site make a concrete box like cavity place it there and close it ,if your house is south facing then ideally you can bury it near the main gate area .
for more specialized consultation please call us .


As far as our knowledge goes it should serve the purpose for a minimum 3-5yrs & longer ,however with our research findings we found that 3-5 % of pyramids undergo some changes on the surface like blackening or oxidation ( greenish colour) & the energy emitted drops down below normal ( 7.5”) and sometimes can be zero ,which is an indication that the pyramid has absorbed some major negative vibes from within or outside the house ( mainly) .This situation is detrimental for our biovibes and the only solution is to release the pyramid in to universe ( river / sea ) and then buy a new pyramid .Just for info the pyramid in golden hands premises is 5 years old still doing good.


Yes definitely we can make according to your requirement, (finances / health /business etc )


Well every human comes to this world with a purpose once you know that purpose you start fulfilling the duties as per the law of nature and live the life to the fullest these are only tools for your growth they can only be like guiding light to you ,hence believe in yourself ,do the best ,give the best ,leave the rest to god he will be always with you . Man can only begin( inauguration) a thing/work , but GOD will finish (closing ceremony ) .

11) Which size pyramid do I have to use ?

For personal 2 inches is good enough
For office to be placed on your table also is
For placing in your alter is an excellent idea
For bigger office and industrial place 4 inches is ideal ,it will be of help if more people are around and you have to handle every one ,this is a personalized tool for you
For bigger complex 7 inches is the best
If have the finances you can place a 4 inches in your home will be worthwhile.

12) Do I need to believe in the Pyramid?

Not necessary as you can see the difference between the normal pyramid and the bio- energy pyramid the energy emitted by our golden hands pyramid is very high and as each one is given special attention and we follow a strict guide lines in preparing the bio-energy pyramid .hence you can be rest assured that its does its job of emitting high vibes .

13) There are varieties of pyramid (material) available in the market which one do we choose?

THIS is a tricky question, but we definitely recommend you to go for a pyramid with proper angulations which will emit some amount of energy.
the choice can be as follows
Just for your info a 2 inches pyramid can emit energy for 8 ft x 8 ft = 64 sq feet ,hence bigger the pyramid bigger the area of coverage

14) What benefits can I look forward?

If you are looking for benefits please don’t buy our golden hands products ,with my personal experience people who are lost in life without any direction expectation is very high and that they want a miracle to happen and change the wrong doings(knowing or unknowingly ) of life to neutral ,hence when they go for these bio-energy products ,do not see any changes after some time and they lose confidence and feel nothing is happening .
The areas where u can get the benefit are as follows
1) Can be placed anywhere in ur house/office ( preferred location can be south west / main entrance of the door /main hall / in the alter
2)Negatives vibes will be neutralized
3) very useful to accentuate your connection during meditation
4)Can be used for goal setting where in place ur written goal under the pyramid
5) Money multiplier ,keep ur rm 100/ 100 usd under the pyramid always
6) Use it as a healing tool keep the photo of the person to be healed .
7) Keep ur family photo under the pyramid for total protection
8) Can energize water by placing a jug of water under the pyramid
9) Place any drink coffee, tea milk or a jug of water min 15 minutes and drink.
10) Place important document under the pyramid for charging
11) Place ur facial cream under the pyramid and see the difference
12) Place your interview card / hall ticket / resume before you submit under the pyramid
13) Try charging your tablets / medication before you take and see the difference
14) Try soaking your vegetables with energized water.
15) Try cooking your rice with energized water
16) Pyramid is a multi-function tool for our day to day life it’s UP TO YOU to use the pyramid for its max benefit .molecular structure can be changed (Nano tech) with these pyramids

15) What is the difference between normal pyramid and golden hands bio- energy pyramids ?

It is said that a normal pyramid whatever size has to be placed in a particular place without disturbing and have your wish placed inside it for a min period of 3 weeks to 3 months, only then the pyramid starts tapping the universal cosmic energy and acts like an dish antenna. If by chance for any reason you move the pyramid the alignment is disturbed and hence the tapping of cosmic energy is disturbed.
With our golden hands pyramid this situation is different as the pyramid by itself emits high vibes and hence can align to the universe where ever placed. our pyramids are balanced with natural ingredients for good health ,wealth and harmony.

16) Can we buy any other pyramids sold in the market?

By all means you can buy we have no issues on this, just see to that you buy the pyramid with the correct angle’s and shape and the material used (copper being the best ).