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The Science of Epigenetic is vast and in today's world , this is the only solution for all situations be it Mind , Body or Soul .

Our vision is to empower each individual with the knowledge and solution for identifying their own optimal body, mind and soul needs .


"Converting ILLNESS TO WELLNESS through cellular medicine and Energy Medicine."

Our Accomplishments

1)   We are the 1st organization to have a documented research data on human bio-vibes specifically done by Dr Prabhu on individual human beings (10,000) as of today

2)   we are the 1st manufacturers of bio-enhancers( pendants & pyramids ) to be used on human beings obtained from natural resources .

3)   we are 1st to introduce a measuring criteria for human bio-vibes ( 0- 18 inches measured by dowsing rods ) .

4)   we are the 1st to introduce the beneficial and detrimental effects of bio-vibes ( 23 different types )

5)   we are the 1st to postulate  the theory of bio-vibes “ BIOVIBES IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE STATE OF MIND biovibes and brain waves ’

6)   We are the 1st to postulate the theory relation between brain waves and bio-vibes “ brain waves is inversely proportional to the bio-vibes “

7)     We are the 1st to introduce the bio-vibes grading from 0-18 with valid explanation .

8)   We are the 1st to introduce the biovibes chart scale for measuring bio-vibes .

9)   We are the 1st to delineate a line between spiritual and divine journey scale ,in other words the actual meaning of spiritual is very clearly defined by one and the only dr Prabhu which makes a beautiful sense .

10) We hope to become the 1st organization to start with the worlds first high vibes society .

11)We are the first few organisations who has procured GDV camera from Russia 


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Dr.Prabhu Kumar Raju

Founder & CEO




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Miniature Clay Artist

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