Bio-Energy Services

Personal Consultation 

This is a 45minute to 1 hour one to one consultation with four different topics to pick from

  1. Bio energy consultation

  2. Preventive health care consultation

  3. Counselling

An individual can pick from the above and make a prior appointment atleast two days in advance.


Bio-Vibes Preview

Bio vibes preview is to catch a glimpse of the 10 year research done by Dr.Prabhu in a nut shell.

It is a 30-45 min power point presentation, a brief introduction of bio vibes and its applications.

A minimum of 20 people is required and a for bigger groups can be conducted at requested venue.


Bio-Vibes Seminar

This is a full-fledged in-depth power point presentation for approximately 4-5 hours

Topics covered are

  1. Introduction to bio vibes

  2. Classification of bio vibes

  3. Research findings

  4. Pros and cons of high and low vibes

  5. Live demonstration

Minimum of 15 people must have confirmed prior to actual day. Part / full payment should be remitted in advance.


Bio-Vibes Level 1 Workshop

This is a one full day workshop which works on the deeper level of understanding bio vibes. It is a step by step progress in the soul journey and to truly understand your soul necessitates, it is also an awakener as to where we stand and where we want to progress on a spiritual level.

After 3 weeks of completion of workshop and practice, there will be another 3 hour review workshop, to evaluate the 3 week practice, Includes a 100 mark written exam.

Areas that are worked on are

  1. Chakras

  2. Aura layers

  3. Individual upliftment

  4. Meditation and breathing techniques

  5. Attunement

Workshop includes

  • Bio vibes checking

  • Individual aura and chakra checking

  • Soul age checking

  • Gdv camera / brain waves testing

  • Workshop kit ( Manual , book , instructions )

  • 3 week guide and music for practice

  • Food and drinks

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