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What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics Is the Key to Wellness

Epigenetics is the science that shows that we do not need to be victims of our genetic inheritance. The Human Genome project, was expected to confirm the existence of over 100,000 individual genes.

However, it was discovered that only 23,000 genes make up the human genome, barely more than the common fruit fly and far less than those found in a grain of rice.

This raised the question of what else could be controlling gene expression?

The answer is Epigenetics, which is the interaction between environmental signals and the process of adaptation that living systems use to thrive.  Back in 1700’s Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed that life forms could acquire ‘information’ from their environment and incorporate it into their epigenome.

Quantum Physics was incorporated into the field of molecular biology by Erwin Schrödinger to set the basis for what we now know as epigenetics.

Today, we know that gene expression that is not mediated by coding DNA, representing only 2% of the genomic expression. It is rather influenced by informational signals received from the environment by non-coding DNA, which represent the remaining 98% of what is referred to as junk DNA.

Harmful signals emanating from the environment cause disharmony, so the human body responds accordingly changing the phenotype without altering the genotype.  This change is reflected in our physiology.

These signals include information from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the impact of the electromagnetic environment and even the 50,000+ thoughts we have per day.

What Are The Epigenetic Factors Affecting Our Health :

  2. ENVIROMENTAL POLUTION ( vehicular /industrial )
  3. SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES /Acidic components of human food chain
  4. SMOKING is an important preventable EPIGENETIC FACTOR
  7. RADIATION ( sunrays /radioactive /x-rays/mobile phone /micro waves /ULTRA VIOLET ETC ETC )


What Is the S-Drive Technology ?

It is a portable device with a spectrum coil in its centre. The coil produces a scalar wave that senses the changes that occur when the hair roots are placed on the coil.It uses informational signals from the hair root bulb found in the hair follicle. These emit a signature wave. This disturbs the scalar wave and the software converts the information into a digital record.

Our Technology uses bio-resonance to distinguish which information in the signature wave is supporting efficiency and optimal expression.We use the hair root bulb as an informational source, since the hair follicle is a part of the sensory system of the body. This biomarker expresses information from the environment that is present in the energy field.


The information changes over time as it is connected through resonance with the Epigenetic influence of the person. Our macro and micro environments have an effect, such as – air quality, food and nutrients absorbed, the electromagnetic environment and even the 50,000+ thoughts we have per day.

The information is then sent via a secure connection to our high-speed servers in Hamburg Germany, that use resonance algorithms to map optimization. We have an extensive database of information files including dietary, nutritional and environmental influences.

The resulting Epigenetic information is presented in a comprehensive report which is returned to the S-Drive operator within 30 minutes.

The Report is relevant for a period of 90-days as the Epigenetic influences are constantly changing.

The Hair Testing Reports :

Each Optimize Report represents the opportunity for someone to make changes to their diet, nutritional and lifestyle in support of optimum physiology through epigenetics.

The data which forms each report is based on informational resonance with the database of environmental files and is not a physical measure of elements or factors affecting the body or stored on the hair. As such, it is not considered diagnostic nor medical in nature.

Each comparison indicates the relevance of an environmental influence based on a numerical value generated. This value has no scale or baseline but reflects the individual’s response to the influence which can be different for every person.

The data is visualised in the charts and tables of the reports and is categorised to make it easy to understand and use the information.

The overview chart allows you to quickly assess the key issues and identify the main areas for attention.


The items with the highest resonance (those which influence the person most strongly) are marked as Priorities (with a P). Those with lower relevance are Advisories, marked with an (A). A lower level of relevance is indicated by ‘consider’ items.

The size of a segment indicates its overall relevance to the person in relation to the other items in the same chart. This way of viewing data in relationship to other data is more holistic.

There is a list of 90-day food restrictions which are not on the allergy scale but in the sensitivity scale. These are foods which reduce the overall efficiency of the system.

For each item indicated, there will be a recommended list of foods which can be added to the diet. These foods are informational sources that will enable the body to operate in a more efficient way and will help with optimum gene expression through epigenetics.

Sample Report :