Micro -Circulation

What is Micro- Circulation ?

The microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels, the microvessels of the microvasculature present within organ tissues. The microvessels include terminal arterioles, metarterioles, capillaries, and venules.




What is the function of Micro-Circulation ?

The Micro-circulation is the principal avenue for the delivery of Oxygen , nutrition and exit of the substance involved in the metabolism of every cell of the tissues.

  • Micro- circulation transports nutrients to the tissues and removal of cell waste.
  • The micro-circulation of each organ is organized specifically to meet that organ's needs.
  • Cellular hydration
  • Cellular metabolism
  • Exchange of gases at the cellular level

What is micro circulation disorder ?

• Microcirculation disorder means changes in the form of capillaries or changes in the pattern of the blood flow .

• If the capillaries of the microcirculation are distorted and the capillaries are blocked, necrosis of cell will occur due to ischemia and anoxia.


What are the  diseases that  may  arise due to poor microcirculation ?

  1. Varying from vague aches and pains to dizziness.

2. Heart attack

3. Blood pressure

4. Stroke

5. Cancer ( Due to the lack of oxygen being transported to the cells )


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